Choosing the right sleeping bag is critical to enjoying a good night’s sleep. At Coleman we provide a range of bags to suit just about all needs for New Zealand conditions, whether it be a sleep over for the kids or camping on the beach.

All the new season sleeping bags feature ComfortSmart™ Technology, which is a series of manufacturing processes to ensure every sleeping bag performs to the consumer’s expectation.

Prevents insulation from shifting, increasing durability

Reduces heat loss through the zipper, keeping you warmer

Zipper Glide™ Tailoring
Allows smoother zipper operation around the corner

Prevents zipper snags by plowing fabric away from zipper

Coleman's range of sleeping bags have been tested in the independent Laboratories of the School of Physics and Materials Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne. Dr. Don Hutton, an Honorary Research Fellow and a keen bushwalker and camper, conducted the tests by inserting a centrally heated "mannequin" into the sleeping bag and maintaining a constant power input. The temperature changes are recorded by electronic heat probes and the information fed into a computer over an extended time period, providing the data to rate the bags scientifically. The swing tag attached to each bag shows the temperature rating in accordance with these tests.